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One of my favs

One of my favorite Podcasts and I listen to it every week. Thanks John and Eyal!

Thoughtful hangs

Excellent show where you’re a fly on the wall while these guys have interesting conversations about music and life. Hosts have such thoughtful questions and it’s so nice to learn that most of these metal monsters are chill, bright and interesting people.

Truly Fantastic!

It's like you are literally hanging out with some of your favorite musicians. Picking their brains and hearing about their approaches to music/life and even more so their mental just priceless and I feel has set me up to become a better musician and entrepreneur than ever before. This podcast has truly made this pandemic that much more bearable. I look forward to each episode and as a bonus, man does it REALLY help pass the time at my day-job. Can't recommend it, Eyal and John enough!


So insightful. Love it.

5 stars

Podcast is great, 5 stars.

Cool stuff a bit weird at times

Love the guests and I love the in depth and weird questions they ask the guests and how they bounce off of John Browne who is also very talented. The intro is a bit stiff feeling and could lighten up a lot it’s too serious also Eyal is kinda awkward but it works out sometimes. Sick stuff either way

Incredible stuff here!!

This podcast is absolute genius and such an amazing resource for guitar players and musicians alike. I have absorbed so much useful information from these episodes. Eyal/Browne really do a great job of getting in depth with their guests and the perspectives are so refreshing and interesting. Also a great way to pass the time on long drives!

James Malone

Hey eyal and John I have to see been a big fan since URM podcast…I was taking a few lessons from James Malone upon learning he lived close to me…I’m curious eyal did you do guitars for arsis live? I always forget to ask but never knew who this one guy was with them live and thought it was you…also James riffs hard when you gettin him on???

More than just playing

Every Monday we get an amazing podcast with great insight to where the player is coming from. The last one I listened to with Ryan “Fluff” Bruce was really eye opening for me. Just being able to see where someone is at given their age and how it does not really matter as long as you are putting your all into it. Much appreciated, I love the podcast!

Great interviews every week

The guys do a great job chatting with the guest and it’s always worth the listen. 👍

Love it.

Fantastic, informative and easy to listen to.

Amazing show

I absolutely love this podcast, I love how the conversations are a bit more free flowing and not strictly dedicated to gear, technique, etc. It makes it feel less like a formal interview and more like im listening in on a good conversation. Another thing I love is that I’ve learned something new that I’ve implemented into my plying with every single guest, even if I’m not familiar with their work. P.S. Would love to see you guys have JB Brubaker, Nick Hipa, Ola Englund, Sarah Longfield, Jared Dines, and Nita Strauss on the show.

More than just gear talk

I’ve always loved interviews that dig into the philosophy of the artists and spent time with them as people, This podcast does both, everybody needs a 2 1/2 interview with the Periphery guys, And I’m not even a guitarist.

Amazing Insight into Your Favorite Guitarists/Artists Personalities and Creative Processes

I just joined RiffHard a month ago. After listening to the podcast for a while and being a URM member for over a year I thought it would be a good time to join and the site has been awesome with tons of great exercises and a really positive community on Facebook. This podcast is really great to learn a lot more about your favorite guitarists if you’re into the metal scene. I can’t think of a better resource that feels as intimate. After a while you realize how many different paths there are to success as well as all the parallels between people who succeed. There are also lots of funny moments sprinkled in along the way…like “Airport Jake”.

The keys to success

Success as a musician is so much more than just practicing music. The business, communication, relationships, and vision can’t be learned from tabs and practice. This podcast is a treasure trove of information from guitarists who have actually made it. If you’re serious about your craft, then you need to check this out. NEED.

THE BEST Metal/Rock Guitarist Show!

After having been a long term fan of the type of content on the URM Podcast (hosted by Eyal, the co-host here) and the type of insightful conversation, when I discovered this podcast I immediately knew it was for me and have been consistently blown away since. Hearing true stories, philosophical practices, time management techniques, networking skills, and much more from so many prominent, prolific guitarists that I’ve both listened to and followed for years is a truly irreplaceable experience! It’s not only given me a deeper understanding of my instrument but given me a new-found love and appreciation for taking it more seriously than ever and doing so the right way! 5/5 all the way! Sign up at!


Very awesome


Between The Riffhard Podcast and URM, I don’t have any time for other ones nor need to venture out. Always entertaining. Edited greatly and they are super good at engaging the guest. Would recommend to anyone that would like to know more about the amazing artists we listen to.

Very Educating

I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. I am an aspiring guitarist at the beginner-intermediate level, and every episode is full of information about playing, being in a band, equipment, pretty much anything and everything you need to know. Their guests are some of my personal favorite guitarists as well, and the hosts come across very professionally and seem humble as well. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone that plays guitar, metal, or any musician really. Thanks to you guys for the wealth of information you’ve given so far, and for FREE!

Poignant and informative

These gents are class acts and their peers and the pinnacle of music as we know it. It’s moved to my top spot!

As important as you can imagine

Eyal and Browne are incredible hosts and professionals. The podcast does not focus on a singular topic every time, but is structured and organized well enough that it doesn’t ever feel like you’re listening to rambling. Eyal and Browne always seem to make their guests feel at home and bring out the best conversations. There’s always something to learn and draw inspiration from here, and I hope they can carry this on as long as possible.

Outstanding Podcast

This is such a great podcast. Eyal and John are great interviewers and the quality of guests is outstanding. Well done.

This is the best!

Eyal and John are great and I’ve been a fan/student of theirs for a while now, but the guests they have on and the subjects the discuss are so helpful to me on many levels. It really helps me to process what I am going through on my own journey as an artist. Thanks guys! Keep it coming!!!

Great podcast!

Nice guys giving a great behind the scenes account of how the music is made. Love it!


Inspirational Podcast \\ m //

Killer stuff

Great guitar podcast


Great pod. Even with three people they don’t talk over each other and the convos are very insightful

great podcast

i love it

Great conversations!

I’m a few episodes into this podcast, and I’m really glad I discovered it. Conversations are wide ranging, very interesting, and about much more than just playing the guitar, even though music is the lens through which they are focused. In the future I hope we’ll hear from more voices from outside the metal world, and also from women.


Been a metal guitarists for about 10 years, never thought there would be a metal podcasts for guitarists and to also be this good. This is a big deal, keep it going.